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Value Averaging Model Portfolio's

Everyone knows how volatile the stock market has been and how uncertain the world's economies have been over the last few years. The majority of investors have made little or no money from stocks or mutual funds for a very long time. This could be because the average investor does not have a trading strategy for making money from stocks, and therefore tends to “buy and hold” then sell at a loss. However, s ometimes a bad year is a bad year no matter what investment strategy you use.  For the past 12 months we have been working on testing and fine tuning a stock investing methodology based on the Value Averaging investment strategy and we are now pleased to announce the VA Model Portfolios .  Managing the portfolio‘s over the past months has allowed us to fine tune the methodology to the point where we believe that is it a viable system for trading securities. We have created these models as a way to show / teach investors how Value Averaging works and how to apply the s