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Caribbean Real Estate Opportunities Abound

In the past year and a half I have been traveling in the Caribbean looking at and evaluating real estate projects to invest in, and I must say that the opportunities for savvy investors are endless. My trips have taken me to Cayman Islands , Bahamas , Jamaica , Anguilla , Dominica , Antigua , Barbuda and St. Lucia . I also plan to visit St Croix , St. Kitts and Nevis , Grenada , Barbados and Trinidad in the next few months. I have looked at all types of properties and development projects comprising of marinas, hotels and resorts, golf courses and residential subdivisions that range from $2M to $1B in value. However, I believe that the current sweet spot for investments are in the $5M to $15M range. There are a number of reasons why the Caribbean is an attractive place to invest, and these are: Properties hold their value much better than properties in other parts of the world such as US and Europe . Most of the islands are small (with the exce