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The foremost stumbling block to success in life is cowardice, the dreaded fear of failure “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”. Spectators never won a baseball game. If you are to win at anything in life, you must first be in the game, you must place yourself on the firing line. History tells us that the doors of opportunity are always closed. They have been that way since the world began. At no time when you walk down a street will you find any doors of opportunity standing open and inviting you to come in. Doors that are worth entering are usually closed, but the resolute and courageous knock at those doors, and keep knocking persistently until they are opened. Working hard and applying the principles of success can help you attain your goals, but much of success is by chance – being at the right place at the right time. In light of that, my advice is to give it all you've got and don’t let up, for you never know when opportunity will come knocking. Waiting for perfect condi