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VA Portfolio Update

I have just updated the Value Averaging Model Portfolio's. There are 5 Model Portfolios to follow: VA Growth Strategy VA Internet Strategy VA Market Sectors Strategy VA Market Index Strategy VA Small Cap Strategy The portfolio's are all performing very well exactly as I expected, and they are meeting their annual target rate of return.  The  Internet Strategy  model has performed the best out of all the models and since December 2011 has produced a annualized compound rate of return of  25.4% .  Click here to see the performance in real time. While most mutual funds managers or portfolio managers are paid to try to beat a benchmark index, we take a different approach in that we try to meet or exceed  a set target rate of return  consistently on an annual basis. The benchmark for the model is therefore not an index such as the S&P 500 but a fixed percentage return. This return is based on the historical long term return for