You will become as small as your controlling desires or as great as your dominant aspiration.

If asked to define “Success”, you would probably list impressive achievements, wealth, fame, power, freedom and influence. You would be right, and you would be wrong. Success is so much more. Success is an attitude that unfolds the very best in EVERY aspect of your life. So why does it seem elusive? Because most people are so focused on selected results that they fail to understand that success isn’t a result, it’s a process with measurable steps all of which start with a singe choice. 

Success is not a thing – not a reward that awaits you at some far off time. Success lies in doing well whatever thing you are doing now. It is more a matter of mental attitude than of mental or physical capacity. You have all the fundamentals of it right now. But it is only the USE of them that can make you successful. It is the way you use what you have. You can succeed with what you have at this moment, if only you learn to use it correctly. Ask of yourself what ability you have which can be made to develop into something worth while. 

Great successes are simply a group of little successes built one upon another. Work hard, ask God for wisdom, listen to his answers and act on his direction and opportunities. But also be prepared for the hard times, because you never know when they will come knocking either. 

You have all that the greatest of men have had

Two eyes, two ears, two hands, two feet

Whether they were explorers or scientists or builders or speakers or motivators

They came here with no more or no less than you

The difference between the mighty and the mundane

Is what you do with what you have.

To your success and till the next time